Debt Collection Procedure in Turkey

Debt Collection Procedure in Turkey: Turkish law provides a framework for creditors to collect what is owed to them. In Turkey, debts are pursued through a Debt Collection Office (Icra Dairesi). There is a Debt Collection Office in Turkey in every judiciary, and they are part of the Turkish legal system. Debt collection proceedings in Turkey are initiated at the Debt Collection Office in the debtor’s address and can apply to both individuals and companies.

The Debt Collection Office in Turkey follows a standard process that begins when one party submits a Debt Collection Request to the Debt Collection Office. If the claim is not contested or if the debtor’s objection is dismissed by a judge, the Debt Collection Office may then attempt to recover the debt. As it is easy to initiate debt collection proceedings in Turkey, it is advised that recipients of a Debt Collection Request do not accept it unless they are genuinely in debt to the relevant creditor.